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2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta

The subcompact segment has always been one of the most competitive in the auto industry which makes the challenge between the 2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta a great matchup. Mazda has been getting a lot of attention lately with its great new automobile designs and incredible fuel efficiency while Ford has continued to deliver a quality vehicle. One thing that people are looking for in the subcompact segment is fuel efficiency and a fun driving experience. Both hatchbacks can offer a little bit of both but one does it better than the other.

The 2013 Mazda2 and 2013 Ford Fiesta are very similar and both feature a short wheelbase, responsive suspension and quick agile steering. The size of these two vehicles make them very fun to drive without needing a lot of engine power. The combined fuel efficiency rating of the 2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta are very equal to each other so there is no clear winner in that category but when it comes down to which hatchback is more fun to drive the winner is clear. The 2013 Mazda2 offers razor-sharp handling and delivers exhilarating fun to the driver that’s lucky enough to be behind the wheel of this sporty hatchback.

Standard Features are Better in the 2013 Mazda2

When new car shoppers start looking for a new car they want one that gives them the most bang for their buck. Cars are a big investment so why not buy a vehicle that gives you more standard features than its competitor. When you compare the standard features list of the 2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta you can clearly see which one offers you the most. The 2013 Mazda2 gives you all of the standard features that you want in a new car while the 2013 Ford Fiesta falls a little short.

Standard features that you get with a new 2013 Mazda2 that you don’t get with the 2013 Ford Fiesta include power windows, keyless entry and a CD player. When comparing the standard features list of the 2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta the clear winner is the generous 2013 Mazda2. After comparing the 2013 Mazda2 VS 2013 Ford Fiesta the decision on which is a better vehicle was a little easier to make. The more generous standard features list and the “Zoom-Zoom” driving experience that Mazda is known for help make the 2013 Mazda2 the best overall choice for a new car.

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