Why is my car’s oil light flickering?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs, Oil Change on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at 4:58 pm
Flickering oil warning light

Having any dashboard warning light illuminate can be alarming, but when the light keeps turning on and off at seemingly random times, it’s downright frustrating. There are a variety of reasons why your oil light may be flickering, and unfortunately, none of them are good news. Read on to learn what the most common causes are!

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Oil light flickering while idle

If your oil light flickers on and off while you are stopped or are idle, there may be a problem with your oil sensor or the oil pressure may be too low. The engine should have at least 5 PSI when not moving, and any less than that will cause the light to flicker on and off. If you notice the light turns off once you start moving, this is most likely the problem. If this is the case, bring your vehicle into see us at Matt Castrucci Mazda so our service technicians can diagnose and fix the problem.

Oil light flickering when driving

If your oil light flickers while driving, your oil levels may simply be too low. Try adding engine oil and seeing if that turns the dashboard warning light off. If adding oil doesn’t help, the next likely cause is worn out engine bearings. This is a cause for concern because it makes the oil pump squirt oil out of places it’s usually contained. If you think this may be the culprit causing your engine light to flicker, bring your vehicle into a certified technician as soon as you can.

How to check engine oil levels
Engine oil PSI
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Is your oil light flickering on and off? If so, schedule a service appointment online or bring your vehicle into Matt Castrucci Mazda for an inspection. Our expert service technicians will diagnose the problem and help you determine the next course of action. For more information about our service department, please feel free to contact us today!

3 Responses to “Why is my car’s oil light flickering?”

  1. May says:

    My PT cruiser has oil in it and it’s not leaking but the oil sign keep coming on and flickering! Why is that happening?! Help!

  2. Terry Pedler says:

    My Mazda tribute does the same thing on low idle and it has had a new oil switch put in as well and still does it i wonder would there a fault in the gauge on the dash.

  3. Terry Pedler says:

    My Mazda tribute is doing the same and they say the oil is to thin it had 5w/30 so they have put 10/w40 in and it seem to be okay.

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