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How does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System work?

Friday, December 15th, 2017

If you’ve ever walked up to your car after shopping or eating out and noticed for the first time that one of your tires looks flat, either your vehicle wasn’t equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) or the system wasn’t functioning properly. TPMS is designed to act as an extra set of eyes for the driver, constantly monitoring changes in tire pressure and alerting the driver if your tires are over or under-inflated. Wondering just how the TPMS works? Read on and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know!  (more…)

3 ways to maintain a Mazda at 50,000 miles

Thursday, May 25th, 2017
How to take care of your Mazda at 50000 miles

Keeping up with your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance is vitally important to the health of your car, and many people overlook the maintenance needed when your vehicle hits 50,000 miles. We want to help keep your Mazda running smoothly for years down the road, so we’re giving you some tips and tricks on how to maintain your car when it hits that 50k mile mark. (more…)

Help your tires last longer with these simple tips

Thursday, September 17th, 2015
Tips for Making Tires Last Longer

How to make tires last longer

Owning a car can be expensive when you consider all of the vehicle maintenance you have to perform on it to keep it in working condition. But, just like all other maintenance procedures, there are things you can do to help keep costs down on how much you spend on tires over the lifetime of your vehicle. Learning how to make tires last longer will help you save money and time ,and keep you safe on the road. There are many different tires on the road but they all have one thing in common, the more proactive you are about maintaining them, the longer they will last. The tips below will help you learn what you can do to get more miles out of your tires. (more…)

Top 5 reasons your car is vibrating when you drive

Monday, May 19th, 2014
Top 5 reason why your car is vibrating

Let the service professionals at Matt Castrucci Mazda help you.

Why is your car vibrating?

If you own a car long enough or if you drive a car with a lot of miles on it, there is a good chance that some kind of auto problem may start happening to it.  One of the most common and most worrisome problems that can happen to your car is vibration.  Many times the vibration in your car starts out very subtly and then continues to get worse and worse until one day it is just awful.  Then you finally ask yourself the question of why is your car vibrating.  Don’t worry too much; the problem can sometimes be remedied very easily and very cheap.  But sometimes it can be a sign of something more costly.  Diagnosing the vibration early and taking care of the problem right away can save you costly repair bills.  Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why your car is vibrating. (more…)

Signs that you need to buy new tires

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
Buy new tires i nDayton, OH

Check your tires to see if its safe to be driving on them.

One of the most important things on your vehicle that needs to be working properly at all times in order to help you stay safe on the road is something that you probably wouldn’t guess.  Tires are the only thing that keeps your car connected to the road and the one thing that helps keep you on the road.  If you have a tire that is worn down or one that has been compromised you may be in danger of having a serious accident that could have been avoided with new tires.  The following signs that you need new tires from Matt Castrucci Mazda will help you figure out if it’s time for you to buy new tires in Dayton, OH. (more…)

The Airless Tire is Coming Soon

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
New airless tire

Never get a flat tire again with this new innovative concept tire.

Airless Tire

We all know how technology has been changing the world we live and soon it will be changing what we drive on.  The tire company Hankook, recently revealed its latest new airless tire concept design called i-Flex at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  The new i-Flex airless tire constitutes both the tire and the wheel.  (more…)

Stay Safe on the Road with these Winter Driving Tips

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving tips that can save you from an accident

No matter how long you’ve been driving for it’s never easy to drive in the winter or on snow and ice covered roads.  We could all use a refresher on some winter driving tips every now and then.  One of the best winter driving tips is to stay home and not even put yourself on the road but that is sometimes unavoidable.  If you can, try to at least wait until the snow plows and sanding/salting crews have done their work.  All of us at some point are going to be put in the situation where we have to drive our new car in Dayton, OH on snow or ice covered roads.Winter driving tips to keep you safe on the road in your new or used car in Dayton, OH:

  1. Have good traction tires.  All-season tires don’t always provide you with great snow traction, if you want good tires that perform the best in the winter you need to have winter tires.
  2. Have a clean windshield.  Make sure your wipers and windshield washer system are performing adequately and don’t start driving until your windshield is entirely clear.
  3. Turn your air-conditioner on.  Your air-conditioner combined with the fresh air option removes frost and condensation from the interior of you windows.
  4. Turn your headlights on.  Having your headlights on makes you much more visible to other drivers so they won’t pull out in front of you.  Also, make sure your headlights and taillights are clear of snow so other drivers can actually see you.
  5. Watch out for “black ice”.  If the roads look slippery, they probably are.  Test the traction on the roads with a slight brake tap or turn of the wheel to get a feel for the road condition.

Matt Castrucci is your local Mazda dealership in Dayton, OH and we want you to use these winter driving tips to stay as safe as possible when you are on the road in your new or used car in Dayton, OH.

What you need to know about buying new tires in Dayton, OH

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
Buy new tires in Dayton, OH

Matt Castrucci Mazda Service Department

Not very often will an accident or little fender bender require that you buy new tires in Dayton, OH for your car.  Most of the time, you will have to replace only one or two tires and sometimes none at all.

When you do have to buy new tires in Dayton, OH make sure that you are getting the right ones.  The experts at Matt Castrucci Mazda are here to help make sure that you get the exact replacement in order to ensure that your car handles that way it’s supposed to.  When you come into Matt Castrucci Mazda service department to buy new tires in Dayton, OH we will properly inspect your tires so that we can get you the same tire model, size and manufacturer’s part number that will match your existing tires.