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Automotive Glass Service & Repair in Dayton, OH

Automotive glass damage not only hinders the driver’s visibility but can also prove to be a safety hazard due to the weakening of the glass. Drivers in search of automotive glass service and repair in Dayton, OH should schedule an appointment with Matt Castrucci Mazda. Our team of specialists have years of automotive experience and can repair or replace your automotive glass without hassle.

While it may look the same at first glance, automotive glass is designed to withstand harsher impacts and cracks than traditional glass. Windshields are usually made of laminated, layered glass while the side and rear windows are made of tempered glass. While both types of glass are strong, they’re still susceptible to cracking due to poor weather or road debris.

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Why Drivers Should Repair Windshield Chips & Cracks Right Away

Windshield cracks are prone to growing due to the natural vibration of the vehicle as it is driven. Even tiny cracks can grow into larger, more hazardous fractures that can require a full windshield replacement. Because of this, drivers should take their vehicle in for windshield repair as soon as possible to mitigate the amount of damage done.

When you bring your vehicle in for automotive glass service, it will receive a professional assessment to determine if the glass can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely. In general, the glass will need to be replaced if the structural integrity of the glass is compromised and it presents a safety risk in the event of a collision.

List of Matt Castrucci Mazda Services

In addition to automotive glass service, Matt Castrucci Mazda can also help drivers with many other automotive repairs and services, including: Lube, oil and filter changing, exhaust repair, muffler repair, filter replacement, tire balancing and rotation, brake adjustment and replacement, wiper blade repair, headlight and taillight maintenance, coolant and transmission flush, vehicle inspection and more.

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