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Coolant Flushing in Dayton, OH

Coolant (also commonly known as radiator fluid and antifreeze) does the important job of maintaining the temperature of a vehicle’s radiator, preventing overheating and engine failure. However, this fluid can become dirty and filled with debris over time, resulting in engine corrosion and the possibility of rust buildup. To avoid this, drivers can schedule an appointment for coolant flushing in Dayton, OH at Matt Castrucci Mazda.

Coolant flushing is the process of taking the vehicle’s old coolant and replacing it with newer, cleaner coolant. The new coolant is mixed with water and a cleaning solution to help clear system of any contaminants that may have built up because of the old coolant. This makes coolant flushing an important part of automotive maintenance, as it can significantly increase the expected lifespan of your vehicle’s engine.

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What Can Happen If Coolant Isn’t Flushed?

Failure to flush the engine system’s coolant won’t only result in a greater risk of engine failure and overheating, but many other risks as well. Coolant limits the amount of corrosion that can occur in your engine system. However, as the coolant breaks down with age, it loses its anti-corrosive properties. This leaves the steel, cast iron and aluminum components of the engine system vulnerable.

Similarly, old coolant can result in damage being done to the cooling system’s hoses and gasket seals, increasing the likelihood of a leak. The built-up sediment can also result in clogs and blockages of various components, making the engine work harder and waste fuel.

Matt Castrucci Mazda offers a wide selection of automotive services and repairs in addition to coolant flushing. Other available services include: Transmission flushing, automotive electrical service, vehicle inspection, tire rotation and balancing, filter replacement, muffler and exhaust repair, front end alignment, oil changing, brake adjustment and replacement, accessory installation and more.

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