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Engine Air Filter Replacement in Dayton, OH

The engine air filter plays an important role in allowing your engine to function properly. To educate our community members about vehicle maintenance, Matt Castrucci Mazda has put together all the information they should know about engine air filter replacement and service in Dayton, OH.

If left unchanged, your engine’s air filter will accumulate more and more dirt and debris over time. When it starts to get clogged, the lack of air entering the vehicle’s combustion chambers will cause a noticeable drop in vehicle performance. If the situation is allowed to get worse, your vehicle may stop running altogether and permanent damage may be done to the powertrain.

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When Should Drivers Replace Their Engine Air Filter?

It isn’t always easy to identify when an engine air filter needs to be changed. Filters can last anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Vehicles that frequently travel over unpaved roads or in areas with plenty of dust and sand will need to replace their filters more frequently than vehicles that are primarily used for urban driving. Regardless of mileage, filters should be replaced every three years as they get old and brittle.

There are several automotive issues that may be signs for a dirty filter. One common issue is a decrease in gas mileage, which occurs when a dirty filter blacks too much airflow, making the engine work harder and use more fuel.

Clogged air filters can also result in ignition problems. Drivers can also visually inspect their filter and look for discoloration. The more gray your filter looks, the more likely it’s not doing its job as effectively as it used to.

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