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Wiper Blade Replacement & Service in Dayton, OH

Low-visibility situations like heavy rain or snow can present many dangers to a driver and their vehicle. Wiper blades help by clearing off the windshield and drastically improve the driver’s visibility and awareness. However, wiper blades may become less effective over time due to general wear and degradation. Matt Castrucci Mazda can assist drivers who are in need of wiper blade replacement and service in Dayton, OH.

As a rule of thumb, many automotive specialists suggest replacing a vehicle’s wiper blades every six months to a year. While all wiper blades degrade due to general use, factors such as cold temperatures, strong wind and external damage can significantly speed up the process and cause all sorts of problems. Ideally, wiper blades should be replaced whenever drivers are starting to notice significant visibility issues.

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Common Wiper Blade Issues & Warning Signs

Common signs that point to problems with a vehicle’s wiper blades include smearing or hazing, the blades making a juddering or chattering noise because they aren’t wiping smoothly and water droplets not being cleared away due to poor contact with the windshield. Loud wipers that aren’t smoothly travelling across the windshield may be due to built up grime and debris. Cleaning the blades and windshield thoroughly may resolve these issues.

However, in many cases, poor windshield contact and smearing are telltale signs that your vehicle’s wiper blades need replacing. Matt Castrucci Mazda can help drivers with replacing their wiper blades and making sure they are installed securely and professionally.

Other Matt Castrucci Mazda Services

In addition to wiper blade replacement and service, Matt Castrucci Mazda can also assist drivers with: Headlight repair and replacement, brake repair, tire alignment and rotation, electrical service, vehicle inspections and check-ups, muffler repair, exhaust repair, transmission flush, coolant flush, filter replacement and more.

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